Why are there so many species? Did such great diversity exist throughout earth's history? How did this diversification come about? How and why is this diversity important to the biosphere? Would it function any differently if the diversity was much less? How do humans benefit from the diversity of life?

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1. There exist many species on Earth due to the presence of diverse ecological conditions, habitats and variation at genetic level. All these factors are responsible in the evolution of diverse species on the earth

2. According to evolutionary biologists, this great diversity did not exist early on the earth. It has taken millions of years to accumulate such diversity on earth. 

3. Diversification comes as a result of ever changing environmental conditions which are either introduced by man or nature itself.  As a result of change in surroundings a need to change, there arose a need to change in the existing species to survive better in the environment. These changes are brought about by mutations, recombination, natural selection and genetic drift and which lead to diversification as new organisms will be better suited to survive as compared to the one which have not gone any change. With time more variation accumulated leading to speculation  and hence diversification.

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