Why are there so many species?Did such great diversity exist throughout Earth's history?How did this diversification come about?How and why is this diversity important to the biosphere?would it function any differently if the diversity was much less??How do humans benefit from the diversity of life?

Dear student,
Biodiversity is important because in our ecosystem every organism or every species behaves in a specific manner and has significant roles to play. Variety of organisms ensures more productivity and stability in environment. Variety is important for the survival of organisms, if there are variations it increases the survival rate of the species on earth. For eg: Due to some drastic environment changes one species gets vanished, other species will still has chances of survival. But if all the species where of same type and there were less diversity, The chances of the survival would be less.
Biodiversity also ensures good relations among different species and they have many relations and depend on each other in various manners. More diversity in plants ensure good quality and more options in crops. Species helps in healthy ecosystem, many species contributes to clean environment, breathable air, climate stability etc. There are various food chains that explains the dependency of one organism on other, species and variety of organism ensure stability of food chains in the ecosystem also.
Diversity has established after billion years of evolution.


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