why are toothpastes basic in nature???

 Toothpaste is often basic (or alkaline) in order to counteract acidity in the mouth. Two types that I have in my bathroom contain sodium hydroxide (NaOH) a well known alkali.

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toothpaste is made of a mineral -flourite which turned in to flouride.it also contains NAOH.

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The sequestering agent tetrasodium pyrophosphate (TSPP) removes calcium and magnesium from the saliva, so they can't deposit on teeth as insoluble deposits called tartar, (calcified plaque). In this respect it acts as a water-softening agent. It won't remove tartar that already exists. 
TSPP is slightly alkaline, and has a bitter taste, requiring additional flavorings to mask it. Also, additional detergents must be added to keep it in solution. All of these factors can irritate oral membranes and cause sensitivity. 
Sodium bicarbonate: Na2(HCO3) is the predominate base.It is weaker than the strong base Na Oh

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because germs are acidic in nature

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tooth pastes are acidic in natureas it is 9 on the Ph scaleand contains weak bases like sodium bicarbonate.

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because they are made up of mineral flouridewhich turnss into simpllee floride... it also contains NAOH...

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bcause they contain naoh

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