why black colour umbrella is used in summer than a white one

the black umbrella absorbs all the radiation from the sun and gets heated up in this process and emits the whole black body spectrum, which is mainly heat (infra-red radiations).

 So you could think that a black umbrella might be good for UV protection, but not at all useful for heat protection.

black umbrella is also in contact with the air, which cools the umbrella through convection heat transfer. This leads to a lower level of emitted radiation

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Because the black cloth absorbs heat and doesn't let in come to us. But white reflects the heat , so it comes down to the same thing. The plus point of black is that it blocks the light more that white.

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i think he is right

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black in wonter is used becz it absorbs the heat as it is its properties to absorb heat.

the white one is used in summers so that it doesnt attract or absorp much heat.

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