why capital is considered as a liability?? why it is said that business and businessman are two separate entities...plss explain in detail

because whenever we see any industry or something we r just thinking about the business only... not about the businessman... nd businessman invest money in the business as a capital, so it is the liability of the business to give returns for that capital invested by the businessman as a profit...!!!!  so make it clear in ur mind that for a business it is a liability bt for a businessman it is a profit or income...!!!! is it clear or i shall explain it briefly nd in hindi??????

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in accounts...
accountancy is being done by keeping the firm/enterprise in focus instead of the businessman...therefore when the enterpreneur is investing money in a business as capital it has to be returned by firm to him in the form of profit...therefore capital is always the liability for a firm...

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Capital is the money invested by the owner in business.This has to be returned at sime time in future by the firm to the owner,Thus,Capital itself is a claim of owner on business assets.here we should consider the owner and the firm as independent entities.

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Business and owner are two separate entity due to business entity concept. Transaction are to be recorded for business point of view not for owner.
Now capital is liability because owner had invested it in business and they both are separate entity so it is business internal liability to pay owner the amount he invested along with the profits.
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