Why could Lomov not propose to Natalya though he had come with that intention only?

Lomov was Natalya's neighbour. He wanted to marry and thought that Natalya was the best choice. He had his own reasons for thinking this way as he was already 35 years old and sometimes he was sick too. Natalya was a good housekeeper so he wanted to propose to her. He came to their house all dressed up and was greeted by Chubukov, Natalya's father. He was overjoyed to hear of the proposal and calls his daughter. While talking to each other, Lomov and Natalya get into a heated argument about a piece of land. Both argue that it has been in their family for many years. They call each other names and Chubukov too joins in. Instead of proposing to Natalya, Lomov calls her and her family land grabbers. The quarrel continues and Lomov becomes sick so he has to leave in a hurry. When Natalya comes to know from her father that Lomov had come to propose to her, she laments and orders her father to call him back. Lomov comes back and they start talking again but once again they start arguing, this time the cause being their dogs. A severe quarrel ensues with Lomov collapsing, and thus Lomov is unable to propose to Natalya.

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