why di maddie wanted peggy to stop asking wanda about her dress?

Peggy was not cruel at heart, she protected small children from bullies and cried for hours if she saw an animal mistreated. As for Maddie, this every day business of asking Wanda about how many dresses, hats and other things she had was becoming a routine for Peggy. Maddie was poor herself and she usually wore dresses handed down by others. Thankfully she did not live in Boggins Heights or have a funny name, also her forehead did not shine the way Wanda's round forehead did which made all the girls curious about it. But Maddie felt embarrassed and studied the marbles in her palm when Peggy asked Wanda those questions in a mock-polite way. She did not feel sorry for Wanda but she never would have paid any special attention to her if Peggy had not invented the dresses game. She wanted Peggy to stop pestering Wanda because she feared that even though she wasn't as poor as Wanda, her friend could turn on her anytime because she was poor. She was sure she would make up a story about hundred dresses but she did not want to be in the situation at all and therefore, she wanted Peggy to stop teasing Wanda about her dresses. 

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