Why did ashoka leave his kingdom?

Dear Student,

a. Ashoka has been considered as the greatest Emperor history ever witnessed.
b. There is no evidence to reveal that Ashoka left his kingdom.
c.  Ashoka  in fact, after the Kalinga war , gave up war as his policy and sought to spread the message of peace everywhere.

c, In looking into the massive destruction, bloodshed that the Kalinga war caused, Ashoka decided to give up war as the way of establishing control over people.
d. Instead, Ashoka pursued the policy of peace and began to spread message of Dhamma.
e. He decided to carry forward the message of peace, of Dhamma all around the World
. Thus after the Kalinga war, Dhamma mahamattas were appointed to spread the message of dhamma among all.
g. His son and daughter were credited for spreading Buddhism in Ceylon.


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