Why did different social groups joined the non cooperation movement? What were their hopes and struggles?

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The different groups which joined the non cooperation movement are :-

  • Indian shopkeepers - They joined non cooperation because Indian market was flooded with foreign goods and hence they were not able to make the profit.
  • Peasants - Peasants at he countryside were led by Baba Ramchandra. They joined the non cooperation movement to fight against the talukdars who demanded high rents and forced them to do begar. 
  • Tribal Peasants-  Tribal peasants were led by Alluri Sitaram Raju. Their fight was against the forest enclosures by colonial government and the begar.
  • Plantation Workers - Plantation workers joined the movement to oppose The Enclosure Act of 1859 which stated that no worker can leave the plantation without permission and such permission they rarely got.


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