why did evans not take off his hat when jackson asked him to do so? what was his real motive?

who do you think made a call to announce a correction in the question paper?

1) Evans did not take off his hat when Jackson asked him to do so because he reasoned that it was the only thing he had ever brought with him as a sort of lucky charm for his examination. However, the real reason was that he wanted to cut his hair and hide it while making his escape. It was bad luck when Jackson pinched his scissors because it had meant a long and tricky operation with the only razor blade he possessed. If Jackson had made him take off his bobble hat then the game would have been up.

2) The call to announce the correction in the question paper was to tell him the name of the hotel which was the Golden Lion.

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He wanted to hide the razor under is hat.

One of Evan's accomplice/friend called, portraying himself as the Asst. Secretary with spcl. responsibility for modern languages.

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