Why did Griffin want to escape from crowded london?

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Griffin wanted to escape from crowded London as he had faced many hardships and struggles there since becoming invisible. He had ended up fighting with his landlord, burning his house, wandering about naked in the streets. He had even been chased by assistants at the store where he had fallen asleep. He wished to esacpe crowded London to be able to carry out his experiments in a quiet place that would offer him solitude.


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In the book 'The Invisible Man' by H. G. Wells, Griffin was wandering around London without clothes. It was the winter season and he felt very cold. He decided to enter a London store to find some warm winter clothes. He dressed up in shoes, an overcoat and a wide-brimmed hat. He decided to spend the night at the store but overslept in the morning. He was spotted by two store assistants who started chasing him.

Griffin escaped from the London store by quickly taking off his newly found clothes and becoming invisible.

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