why did lencho call post office employees a bunch of crooks ?were they so?

Lencho had asked God to send him hundred pesos but when he opened the letter, he found only seventy pesos. His faith in God was such that he wrote a letter again blaming the employees of the post office for robbing the remaining thirty pesos. He did not realise that the money was not sent by God. The employees of the postal department were not crooks but they had in fact collected the money to give Lencho and help him out. 

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Lencho called the post office employees a bunch of crooks because he thought that they took some amount of money which was sent by god through post

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Lencho called the post office employees a bunch of crooks as he thought that they stole a part of the money(30 pesos from 100)when it was them who sent the money. this is an irony.

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lencho was angry as he thought that someone amongst the post office employees had cheated him by taking the thirty pesos form the 100 which he had asked God to give him to sow his field. No they were not a bunch of crooks.......

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He had too much faith in god and he wrote a letter to god asking him to send 100 paisos but he recieved only 70 , he got very angry and thought that god would not deny on him or cheat him but they were the post office employees who had cheated him....

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