why did M. Hamel write, 'Viva La France' on the blackboard in large bold letters/

viva la france means long live france. 

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|"long live France (often said with tongue‐in‐cheek sarcasm)..|. M.Hamel was unable to speak, as his own sorrow was choking him. He still wanted to express his feelings, and was a true patriot. He wrote with his last ounce of strength "Viva La France" and couldn't say no more. The last lesson was over.

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Mr.M. Hamel know,this is the last class of French language in the school.When the church sounded 12 he stood up but very sadly and wanted to say something but something chocked him and lastly Mr. m Hamel write "Vive La France",on the black board.
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When the church bell struck at twelve it was a sign that the class was over Mr. Hall was chocked and was unable to utter a word , but still he wanted to show his emotion love feeling toward there french language Therefore he wrote "VIVE LA FRANCE"
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To express his love and respect towards his motherland.
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He wrote in big letters "vive la france"{ long live france } Because he wanted to see the French language always free and independent
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M Hamel wanted to sign the most important of his life on the high petriotic note so he wrote long live France on the blackboard as the last reminder to his student to uphold their nation in the high state always
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Because M. Hamel was a great petriot he was full of sorrow and cannot utter a single word. Soo we went back towards thr BB and write with hus full emotions long live France...
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M hamel wrote vive la france on board becase it was last day of french in the school of alsace and lorraine due to the order from berlin so he wanted that french should be long live . Vivea france means live long french.
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Viva la france means long live france. As order came from berlin that german would taught in the school of alsace and lorrine So m. hamel had to left the school.he concluded french as the most beautiful and clearest language. It was his way to express love and patriotism toward the french language. So he write viva la french.
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