why did the accountant of hosahalli village send his son to bangalore?

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According to the narrator, the village did not have many people who knew English. The village accountant was the first one who had enough courage to send his son to Bangalore to study for better prospects.


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  • Technetium (TC)- Transition metal.
  • Promethium (Pm)- Rare earth metal.
  • Polonium (Po)- Metalliod.
  • Astatine (At)- Halogen.
  • Radon (Rn)- Noble gas.
  • Francium (Fr)- Alkali Metal.
  • Radium (Ra)- Alkali Earth Metal.
  • Actinium (Ac)- Rare Earth metal.
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oh sorry . this was the answer for another question
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its okaay...!!
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