why did the crofter show the 3 ten kronors notes to the peddeler??did pedeller appreciated the repoe showed by the crofter towards peddler ??why?

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the crofter showed his earnings because the peddlar didnt believe that he had earned so much money.what do you mean by repoe.no he didnt appreciate it as he stole his earnings

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The crofter showed 3 ten kronors notes to the pedler as a bait for the pedler. He did that to test the integrity of the pedler.

no the pedler did not appreciate the respect reposed on him as he stole the money from him later.

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who yold you that .....................it is clearly that the peddler did not believe it......i qoute the of the text book

"the stranger must have seemed incredulous ,for the old man got up and went to the window ,took down a leather pouch which hung on a nail in very window frame,and picked out three wrinkled ten kroner bills" 

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