why did the lady not give that little cake to the Saint Peter

The lady made a little cake, but decided it was too large for her to give away to anybody as she was very greedy and did not want to give away her cakes, even though they were tiny.
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she didnt give even the smallest cake cause she was greedy and she wasnt happy obout the fact that she had to give a person a cake for free
even for a man as saintly as saint peter
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It is because she thought that that little cake was too big to give away. Whenever she decided to give a cake, her greed used to come in between and she couldn't give the cake, not even the smallest one, because of that.
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The lady was selfish and mean spirited and couldn't bear the thought of parting with even the smallest of her cakes , so she didn't gave any cakes to saint peter. Given by wL
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Ki korisa
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