Why discrimination do in India why
Lower cast people its no value. Why

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a. Caste System has been an integral part of our society and has brought about worst kind discrimination and exclusion of the out caste group who were subjected to inhuman treatment and injustice.Caste has been considered a basis of social order,that divided the society into four groups the Brahmins, the kshtriyas, vaishyas and shudras who were considered to be the outcaste.These divisions were based on the nature of work they performed
b. Shudras/Dalits were subjected to worst form of discrimination and were subjected to inhuman treatment.
c.They were considered to be born in the lowest rung of the varna system whose task was defined to be that of laborers and serving the higher castes,  which determined the social order and caste hierarchy. 
d It was believed since they were not  â€‹dvija or twice born they sought to pollute the varna system 
e. They were socially boycotted, not allowed to enter temple, not permitted to read Vedas, denied entry to public places, denied access to drinking water, on the whole they were considered untouchables.

The worst form of social practice followed in India was untouchability, which became evident in many forms: 

a. Refusal to touch people belonging to lower castes. 
b. Denying interaction with people belonging to lower castes.
c. Denying access to public places to them.
d. Untouchability got reflected in everyday life. For example, in tea stalls separate cups were kept for dalits.
e. Dalit students were made to sit separately in classrooms.
f. Barbers refused to serve dalits.
g. Dalit grooms were not allowed to have marriage processions.
h. Dalits were not allowed to use hand pumps, anything they touched was considered to be polluting it, and was washed thoroughly to purify it.

All the above forms prevented their integration with the rest of the society
It has also resulted in caste based conflict in the society
It has also resulted in the rise of many caste based groups and politicisation of caste.

Government has devised various policies to overcome this.


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