why do chronic diseases affect health more than acute diseases ? Give a specific reason.

Acute disease by definition is any disease which occurs for a short duration of time, after which the body recover's from it. 

Chronic diseases are type of diseases which affect the body for a prolonged time which may last several years to life time, therefore simply speaking the chronic disease since has longer affect on various systems it leaves a drastic impact on it (for example chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension impact various organs such as kidney's, eyes, neurons, muscular skeletal, nervous system, endocrine system for a long time leaving them heavily damaged), whereas effect of acute disease is very short lived so the impact is recoverable (for example cold, malaria, hepatitis affect the body producing general signs and symptoms such as fever, nausea, vomiting but has no long term damaging effect).

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chronic diseases are the diseases which last for a very long period of time eg AIDS and cause harm to our body and cannot be treated or eliminate from body.Acute diseases are those which last for a short period of time eg common cold they doesn't cause much harm to body and can be treated with medicines.


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