why do painters use sand paper before painting the doors??

 There are two main reason for this are as folloes:

1. To smoothen the rough surfaces of the door.

2. To improve the adhesion for the next coat of paint or else it will not stick to the previous coat of paint.

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when sand paper is rubbed on the surface of the doors it makes the door's surface smooth..this happens because of the friction caused between both the sand paper and the door as well ..this is the same reason why stones that are carried by a flowing river roll over and over again becoming smooth pebbles

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rubbing of sandpaper smoothens the surface so, painting become easier and it also resuces friction.
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Sandpaper when rubbed on the surface of doors makes the surface of the door smooth enabling the painter to easily polish the door.
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Because sand paper makes the surface shines and make it smooth so painters use sand paper before paintings
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Sandpaper is rubbed to make the surface the door regular. so that the door do not looks messy and the painted doors looks shiny
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