Why do skiers use flat and long skies to slide on the snow

Skiers use flat and long skiers to slide on snow,because the larger the area of cross-section,the lesser is the pressure on snow.

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this is to reduce friction

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noooooooooooo, not 2 reduce friction, to reduce pressure. remeber this........

1}as area increases, pressure decreases. bcz of this the skiers can slide on snow easily as pressure decreases. if pressure was increased the skiers would sink in the snow. bcz of this skiers use flattened skating board that reduces pressure..

2} as area decreases, pressure increases.eg. when chopping onions, why do v need a sharp knife?? if the knife is sharp, the area is less in the sharpened area, so that pressure is increased, bcz of high pressure the onion is chopped.........

pressure is defined as a force per unit area.

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 evryone is wrong 

it is to reduce friction and pressure

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No this prevents the ice from breaking and the do s from sinking into the snow
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No lol
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When barbarian sleeps with archer and he gives birth to a wall breaker and too much spum comes out...
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The skies are long so they exert less on snow
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More the surface area less the pressure exerted .Therefore long skis are used .... It's to reduce the pressure . Not friction. Hope it helps.....
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