why do the enterprises need to adopt pollution control measures?

To control pollution ; to serve social resp.
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To control the pollution
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Every business has a social responsibility towards society .
with refrence to this,  for society evry enterprise need to adopt pollution control measures.
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Because there is an urgent and necessary NEED FOR POLLUTION CONTROL :-
1. To ensure healthy life - Many diseases like cancer, heart attack and
lung complications all caused by pollutants in the environment. Pollution
control is must to keep a check on these diseases.
2. To ensure safety - Due to environmental pollution and smoke the visibility
is reducing due to which chances of accidents have been increasing. To
reduce the number of accidents there must be a check on pollution.
3. Economic Losses : Pollutants in the environment bringing heavy
economic losses for the country, for example Taj Mahal is losing its beauty
due to pollution.
4. Improved Public Image : A firm that adopts pollution control measures
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