why do the political executive have more power than the permanent executives??

P olitical executive

Permanent Executive

1. They are  the ministers who are elected by the people.

1, The civil servants comprises the permanent executives

2.They are elected by the electorate, as per the mandate of the people

2. They are selected on the basis of merit, as per the examinations taken by the Union Service Public Commission

3.They serve for a span of five years and can be re elected.

3.They serve till their retirement age.

4. The political executives are directly accountable to the people

4. The permanent executives are not directly accountable to the people. They are  tasked with implementing the policy decisions of the political executive.

Political executive is more powerful than the permanent executive because:

a. Ministers are directly elected by the people.

b. They are answerable and accountable to the people.
c. Democracy is based on the will of the people, therefore it is the elected ministers who represents that will and takes the final decision

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