why do tractors have broad tyres?

Pressure exerted by an object is inversely proportional to its surface area. So, tractors have broader tires so that the pressure exerted by them on soft soil (typical for farmlands) is comparatively less and they do not sink in as they are very heavy indeed.

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tractors have broad tyres so as to decrease pressure.

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The rear tires -- the drive wheels -- provide power and traction, while the front tires are for steering.Contrary to popular belief, large-diameter drive tires actually provide less torque and pulling power because the axle has less leverage, and the mass of the tire is greater, which requires more power to overcome its inertia.But large tires have greater surface area and contact with the ground, increasing their traction. Furthermore, because of their increased surface area, wide tires are less likely to sink into soft ground.

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usually the tractors work on field, and the main work they do is ploughing,sowing, etc. so while pulling the equipment,(as it is heavy) the tire does not sink into the soil. that is the main reson for the broad tire of the tractor

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Tracktor have large tyres because to decrese pressure
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Tractors have broad tyers , to create less pressure on the ground , so that tyers do not sink into comparatively soft ground in the field .
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