why do v use verbs????

Dear Anushkamoon,
Verbs are an important part of speech and are considered as 'action words'. If we do not have/use a verb then it would have been difficult to describe an act done by someone.
Ramesh walked to school.
Here 'walked' is acting as a verb and if we think of the sentence without this 'action word', it would have been something like - 'Ramesh to school', which is not a meaningful sentence.
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verbs  are  used   to   know  the  place  of   tense  in  that  sentence
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We need verbs in English because running is a verb. In fact a verb is a doing word and if you were saying a sentence which needed a verb in it like ‘I to the door’, that wouldn’t make sense. But if we do have verbs the sentence would be something like ‘I walk to the door.’

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