why do we get hurt on jumping on a hard surface whereas we dont get hurt when we jump on a soft surface like..sponge?

When a jumper falls on a soft surface,then he takes a longer time to come to stop.The rate of change of momentum of jumper is less due to which a smaller stopping force acts on him and the jumper does not hurt. Therefore soft surfaces reduces the momentum more gently.If however a high jumper falls on a hard surface,then his momentum will be reduced to zero in a very short time.The rate of change of momentum will be large due to which a large opposing force will act on the jumper.This can cause injuries to the jumper. 

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as there is no  interparticle space in solids however sponge has holes in it as when we press it the are which was filled in holes comes out and sponge compresses ....

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N why dont we get hurt ?

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