why do we need democracy?explain.

We need democracy due to the following reasons:

  • Democracy lays the foundation of Equality in a country. Equality has a very critical role to play in democracy. It is even more critical with special reference to India, "world's largest democracy". The Constitution of India guarantees equality to all citizens. Despite this, the daily lives of people in India are far from equal. There may be political equality in the constitution of India but in the real life experiences, there are stark inequalities in the society, not just Indian but societies worldwide.
  • democracy is  a efficient form of government because here all social differences are reconciled. All men are treated equally and no discrimination is encouraged based on religion, sex, caste, creed. In a Democratic nation, citizens are the real sovereign. The Government derives its authority from its citizen. The right of Adult Franchise has given the right to all adults to vote and thus express their view about the most apt leadership.
  • gives a responsible, legitimate and accountable government.
  • Freedom of expression to all
  • Guarantees stability to the government

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