why do we need election in democracy?

1.Election is the real participation of people in democracy, where the people participate in direct way to form in government.

2.Democracy depend on people, people depend on election there they elected his representative to parliament or government.

3. Government needs to go with election for taking fresh memorandum through people of his country.

4. Election shows the country is rule by the people of that country.

5.Whenever government need for a fresh new term of his government they will go for election.

6.Election is a power of government also a power of people.

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A rule of people is possible ony through elections as it is not practical for all the people in a country/community to sit together and make decisions.Therefore, in most democracies people rule through their representatives. A mechanism is needed by which people can select their representatives at regular intervals and change them if they wish to do so. This mechanism is called election. Voters get to choose who should make rules for them, who will form government and take other decisions, and whose policies will guide the government and law-making. Therefore, in a democracy elections are considered essential.

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Elected officials create thelawsthat impact almost every aspect of voters.people get their freedom to chose their ruler who will represent them.Electionsare an indispensable prerequisite fordemocracy, because they permit competition for the transfer of power and abolish individual claims over power, ensuring that it is shared.every citizen of the country gets a choice which makes them to feel they are a part of something.


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