Why do we need elections?

 we need elections so that we elect the right representative who will take all the decisions on the behalf of us

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Election is the real participation of people in democracy, where the people participate in direct way to form in government. Election have backbone of democratic system, today you seen musharraf the former president Pakistan have has drop out his post, because people elected his government through election. This is the real mean of election.

Election is not only a process where people go on cast his vote, though it is a festival of democracy system. Democracy depend on people, people depend on election there they elected his representative to parliament or government. Government needs to go with election for taking fresh memorandum through people of his country. Election shows the country is rule by the people of that country. Whenever government need for a fresh new term of his government they will go for election. Election is a power of government also a power of people.

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in a democratic country like india ,all the people can sit together and take decisions everyday .we dont have the time for that .so we choose representatives.so elections are held

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