why do we need parliament? explain in point's.

The parliament of India exercises political authority on behalf of the people in the following ways:

a) It is the final authority for making new laws in the country and changing and abolishing existing laws.

b) Parliament controls the executive organ of the government. The political executive cannot function without having the mandate from the Parliament.

c) Parliament controls the finances of the government. Public money can be spent only with parliamentary sanction.

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The term 'Parliament' has its root in the French wordparleywhich means "to talk", " to discuss".

  • In society, there are various issues of conflicts and competition between the majority and minority groups. We cannot allow the powerful groups to suppress the rights and freedom of the weaker groups. In that case the rights and freedom of individuals would be curbed and violence would ensue. That would lead to dictatorship not democracy. Hence, the requirement of a Parliament, where the greatest good of the people is arrived upon by the use of " talking", "discussions", and "debates".The Parliament is the highest body of the government that makes and amends laws in favour of the society through debates.
  • The primary functions of the Parliament are:
  1. legislation, within its jurisdiction;
  2. amendments of the constitution;
  3. approval of presidential ordinance and proclamation;
  4. act as the check on the remaining two organs of government: Executive and Judiciary
  • The Indian parliament comprises of two houses:Lok SabhaandRajya Sabha.
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