why do we need rights?

Rights are importance because they provide the citizens of a country with human dignity and development of personality of every individual. They guarantee civil liberties in order to sustain peace and harmony among the citizens of a nation. The fundamental rights are also defined as the basic human rights given to enjoy the freedom. In the case of India, fundamental rights have also been included to reduce inequality amongst different groups and classes.

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for stable contitution 

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 1 -we need rigths to ensure our position among peoples of our society or country 

2- our rights shows us that how we can say anything 

there are different fun damental rights

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ghts n duties are the 2 sides of the same coin.
since we have loads of duties, we need rights.people in a democracy need rights since they have to participate and their views r being taken into account.since indian democracy is a legitimate , accommodate and a responsive type of government , we need rights. its just simple to understand the need for rights

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