Why do we need to use special terms and concepts in sociology?

We need to use special terms and concepts insociology to understand the society better. In sociology, there are different ways of understanding the society. For example, Max Webergave importance to individuals for existence of a society whereasEmile Durkheim laid emphasis on society as a whole.

For Karl Marx, the key concepts were class andconflict to understand society whereas for Emile Durkheim, socialsolidarity and collective conscience were important.

There are different kinds of individuals andgroups in society that leads to different concepts and ideas.Therefore, we need special terms and concepts in sociology todifferentiate it from our common sense knowledge of society.

An individual studies the society on the basisof his/her own common sense, which is often within a limited range,while sociology provides specific concepts and terms to study the structure, phenomenon and functions of the society in a scientificway.

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