why do we say there is no natural death in single celled organisms?

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There is no natural death in single celled organisms because they clone themselves into two new organisms when they reproduce. There doesn't seem to be anything about their cells that wears out after they have reproduced themselves a given number of times.

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mam,i am not able to understand what you have told.

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 are these organisms immortal?

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sorry mam..........couldn't understand properly?could u plz explain this again in simple words?

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in,single celled organism the parent cell divides into 2 daughter cells by binary fission, since the parent itself divides so there is no natural death of these organisms.

hope its clear.

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Dear Student,

Ok. let me explain the answer in more easy way.

Death do occur in unicellular organismsbut according to thr research we have not determied single celled organisms undergoing undergoing natural death but there are probably others in which natural death may occur.

We say that single celled organisms do not undergo natural death because these organisms also have a cell which begins the development nd gradually looses the power of cell multiplication and thus, have to be renewed by the rejuvenating process.

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thank u.

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thank u

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sorry mam, its not understood....

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thanks for explanaition

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  because , 1] ther is no depogation of weast metrial                                                                                                                                                                        2] body divaided in to two parts  give rise a clon                                                                                                                                                          3] wear and tear process due to this its cell repair currently                                                                                                                                      4]

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