why do we seek construction of dams.? mention any two problems faced with the construction of large dams.

We seek to build large dams in order to:

1 Store large quantity of water for irrigation and electricity generation.
2 Transfer water to different locations in adequate quantities.
3 Allow equitable distribution of water because people near the source grow water intensive crops like sugar crane and rice while people farther down stream do not get any water.

Construction of large dams causes:
1 Social problem of displacement of large number of peasants and tribals,without rehabilitation and adequate compensation.
2 Economic problem of expenditure of huge amounts of public money without the generation of proportionate benefits.
3 Environmental problems of deforestation and loss of bio diversity.

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dams are constructed for using the hydro power to produce electric power.

  1. dams, sometimes destroy the ecosystem where these are made.
  2. the construction of dams requires the land where the water of river can be stored, and because of this the people who lives near the river, have to replaced, and this destroys the life of those poor people.

write these points according to you and in detail.

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