Why do you think elections are required after a fixed periof of time ?

It is important to have elections at regular intervals for many reasons. They are:

1. The nature and direction of the society keeps changing from time to time. To keep up with the times and understand the changing ideals of the society and to elect representatives to represent these new set of ideals, regular elections are necessary.

2. Regular elections give the public an opportunity to elect new leaders who are enthusiastic and motivated.

3. A very long term to any representative would give him/her an opportunity to exercise autocratic, uncontrolled power over people. Frequent changes in the people who govern would control this autocratic rule or tyranny.

4. Elections bring about accountability. Elected representatives will have to justify their election to the electorate at the coming elections in order to be re-elected. Dishonest representatives are fearful of not getting elected.

5. Regular elections would bring to light fresh ideas and fresh talent.

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