Why do you think the World Wild Life Fund( WWF) is promoting the "Earth Hour"?

World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) or Wild Wildlife Fund,  has been promoting Earth Hour because:

a. Its main aim has been to turn off the lights for an hour to save energy consumption.
b. It is an attempt to sensitise global citizens towards common environmental problems, towards depletion of energy sources, towards saving our planet.
c. It is an endeavour on part of global community to reduce carbon dioxide emission which is one of the main causes for global warming.
d. By turning off lights and energy consuming products, the community is saving energy and is reducing carbon dioxide emission , thereby contributing towards a healthy and safe environment.
e. The Earth Hour has been directed towards engaging all, in confronting the common environmental problem through local solutions.
f. WWF, by promoting Earth Hour has been generating awareness and reducing our dependence on energy products .

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