why does a business man willingly undertake business risk?

a businessman willingly takes business risk as profit is the reward for bearing risk in business .more there will be risk , more will be the profit

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this question is for 3 marks so it needs a brief answer

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No risk, no gain is an age-old

principle which applies to all types ofbusiness. Greater the risk involved ina business, higher is the chance ofprofit. An entrepreneur undertakesrisks under the expectation of higherprofit. Profit is thus the reward forrisk taking. i think u will find this helpful
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Businessmen willing take risk because they are well aware that without risk there is no gain in business. However, the risk has to be taken after considering all aspects and pitfalls if any so that even if there is any possibility of loss, the same can be kept to the minimum. The reason for such loss has to be ascertained so that the same can be overcome in the next venture.
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A business man take risks willingly because the reward for taking risk is profit.Moreover there is no chance of doing a business without risk. Bigger the risk you attempt greater the profit you earn.
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Profit is the reward for bearing the risk.Businessmen earn profit because they are bearing risk.No risk means no gain ..... larger  is the risk ,more is the chance of profit .. that's why businessmen willingly take business risks.
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Tisk os the essential part of business..and secondly, 'No Risk' means 'No Gain' also, greater the risk involved in business, higher is the chance of profit
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When you take risk the result for it is profit . Therefore this is one of the main reasons there r other  reasons risk is followed by inovatiuon which is followed by fame and loads of gain. unless you go ahead and try you will not know what lies ahead of risk. If there is a new thing in market if you take risk and go ahead if it is useful it makes you a winner .When you take a risk sometimes it might be wrong but you know that next tme you shouldnot do something like that which helps you to get no loss in future.
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Profit is the reward for bearing the risk. No risk leads to no profit, it leads the businessmen to take risk for earn profit
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Risk is an essential part of every business
A business man has to take risks for his business to continue and prosper
Every business deal has risks...if they are not taken business can't be done
And greater the risk...greater are the chances of profit
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Because the major reward of risk bearing is profits.
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