Why does food taste different when we have cold?

We are not able to taste food properly when we have a cold because the senses of smell and taste are very closely connected and since our nose gets blocked when we have cold we are not able to smell and taste food.

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Because the sensation of taste is closely tied to your sense of smell. The combination of your taste buds and the smell of food is what makes your brain recognize a taste. When you have a cold, your nose gets clogged and you can't smell as well as you normally can, so in your head, foods don't taste the same because you're not getting the normal amount of "taste information" from your nose" 

This is also why people hold their nose when eating something they don't like and why inhaling when you're eating spicy food makes them seem spicier.
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When information of taste is given to the brain, the sensation of smell is given near it. These two senses are very closely related to each other except for sense of sweetness which is only present in the tongue. The food doesn't taste different when we block our nose, but it doesn't taste as tasty as it is. :P

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