Why does Gulliver leave Lilliput? How does the Emperor react to his departure?

The embassy arrives from Blefuscu to negotiate peace with Lilliput. Impressed by Gulliver's strength, they invited him to Blefuscu. Gulliver is permitted by the Lilliputian King to go , however. meanwhile Gulliver gains the information that Lilliputian court is planning to kill him. Gulliver's friend, a considerable person at court came without giving his name, privately at night. He informed Gulliver of the impeachment and the plan against his death. He also tells him that out of kindness, the Kingdom may not kill him but only snatch his sight from him by piercing his eyes and making him blind. He plans to go to Blefuscu and never come back to avoid his death.


His plan works and he is fortunate to find an overturned boat, just at the time when he wanted to escape. The boat was in good condition with little rupture and Blefuscudians were ready to help him mend it. Twenty Blefuscudians and three thousand sea men helped him venture the boat into the sea. Gulliver made his oars and bid adieu to fantastical land of Lilliput and Blefuscu.


Swift has not marked the reaction of Lilliput"s emperor, but readers can guess that he will shocked to hear that Gulliver has left and happy at the same time to get rid of him.

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