why does jo want adifferent ending to the story?

For Jo, the story could have ended comfortably with Roger Skunk relieved of his foul body-odour and accepted by other children as their playmate. She was unconvinced with the fact that Roger Skunk’s mother did not like the newly acquired smell of roses and wanted him to get his earlier body odour restored. For a little girl like Jo, the world was centered on friends to play with. Therefore, when she notices that other small animals avoided the poor Skunk, she empathized with him, and thought highly of the wizard who helped the poor creature gain friends and happiness. She could not understand why a mother would want to compromise her child’s happiness just to suit her own self. Being the inquisitive self she was, Jo could not understand why the skunk’s mother hit the kind wizard without being hit back.  In her perspective, the skunk’s Mommy was wrong in whatever she did. Jo was not ready to accept that ‘mothers are always correct’.

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 View points of children are different from view points of their parents.In the eyes of Jo the wizard should not be hit.Wizard had helped Roger skunk to smell better on the wish of Skunk.But when skunks' mommy hit the wizard jo felt bad about it.She wanted the wizard to hit the mommy again.

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 stu pid cannot be entered without space that is why i left space

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 where  beauty and  love rule supreme  , there is no place for  ugliness and stink .  Naturally Jo wants " that stu pid mommy  " punished Roger skunk is the hero of the story Jo can never imagine her hero to be so ugly and stinky it offends her sense of fairness and justice.From the very beginning she has the sympathy for Roger skunk .Roger's mother becomes evil for jo Hence, " the stu pid mommy " must be punished and hit by the wand of the magician . For this the ending of the story must be changed

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