Why does Lamey-lamb grow weeds in his garden?

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Mr. Lamb grew weeds in his garden because according to he believed that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. He did not differentiate between other flowering plants and weeds. He told Derry that weeds have their own importance and beauty, nobody should ever differentiate between things on the basis of their physical appearance.


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@ ekta 

lamey lamb respect the value of weeds as the same as that of a flowers . 

so, acc to him the weeds are also imp. as well as flowers also .

so, by that he gave an example to derry that even the people who are disfigured and having diabilities are also imp to society and they also can do some great work also, so, its a great loss of society if it ignores it 


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Mr.Lamb beleives in a positive atitude.he always finds the beter prts of reality.he says its peoples perception that goes wrong nt the reality.some people consider some plants as weeds to be removed frm the garden.both hve leaves and flowers and the beauty varies from person to person acrding to Mr.lamb,,dts y he drows weeds in his garden.
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