why does mawsynram receive the highest rainfall?

Mawsynmar is the rainiest place of the world with an average annual rainfall of 1140cms . It is located in the southern slopes of khasi hills (meghalaya) at a height of 1500 metre above the sea level . This place is enclosed by hills on three sides . The rilief feature give this place a funnel shsped location . The bay of bengal branch of monsoons is trapped in these hills . These winds try to get out of it . these are forced to rise again and again resulting in heavy rainfall

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Mawsynram lies in the northeastern part of India and it lies on the 'Windward' side of the Himalayan mountains so it receives the highest rainfall in the world as compared to the other parts of the world.

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Mausinram exists in northeastern part of india where it is covered by mountains from three sides. When the split part of monsoon comes from bay of bengal gets trapped into these montains and shower there, after this it turns to northern side where it meets with other part of monsoon near about delhi.

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give an example of cooler climate even during a summer

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Hills (khasi hills) here are funnel shaped so moisture laden monsoons have to take a sudden rise causing heavy rain in mawsynram
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i dont know
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