why does micelle formation take place when soap is added to water?will a micelle be formed in other solvents such as ethinol also?

Soap molecule consist of two parts, one hydrophillic and other one is hydrophobic Hydrophobic part of soap is dissolved with dirt molecule and hydrophillic remains suspended in water. Thus more molecules of soap are attached to dirt having their one end suspended in water to form a micelle. Since ethanol is not as polar as soap micelle will not be formed in other solvents such as ethanol.

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it is becoz of its composition, its hydrophylic end gives it this property

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  Micelle formation will not take place in ethanol because the dielectric constant of ethanol is so less than water that it takes place with very difficulty as compared water and also the neutralization reaction takes place which convert the micelle into scum therefore can be said as no micelle formation takes place in ethanol.

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1) A soap molecule have two ends, one is hydrophilic i.e it dissolves in water, and the other one is hydrophobic i.e  it dissolves in the oil or dirt.
2) When the soap is added to the water, the molecules of soap align themselves in a spherical fashion such that the ionic ends (hydrophilic end) are on the surface of the cluster and the carbon chains (hydrophobic ends) are in the interior of the cluster. This formation is called a micelle

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i think so this is because the hydrocarbon part dissolves in the organic solvent such as in this case alcohol and is not able to act however it does not dissolve in water and formation of micelle takes place !!
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Soap molecule has 2 parts ¡Hydrocarbon tail i.e. hydrophobic in nature(water hating) ¡¡ Ionic head i.e. hydrophilic in nature(water loving) When soap molecules are dissolved in water they araange themselves radially with ionic head at the periphery and hydorcarbon tail at the center these spherical aggregates are called micelles... Hope this helps😀
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ETHANOL is a very good solvent. we know that the tail and head part is formed when soap is added to a solution .the tail part is hydrocarbon.so when it is added to ethanol the tail part will get dissolved . so micelle will not form
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  • THE SOAP MOLECULES ARE long chains of  NA and K salts, their ionic ends dissolve in OIL. Thus forming micelles.
  • THUS ETHANOL cant lose electrons like IONIC COMPOUND ( SOAP)  AND IT is not able to dissolve in oil.
  • thus micelles are not formed
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The Micelle formation takes place when soap is added to the water because the soap contains two parts 1 the hydrophobic and one hydrophilic . the hydrophobic part that get attached to the dirt oil and grease to remove it and hydrophilic part is attracted to the water.As the hydrophobic part attract dirt ,oil and grease a Micelle is formed over there . No the micelle will not be formed in the ethanol as the alkali chain of soap become soluble in alcohol Micelle can be formed ily around the suspended molecules of oil in the mixture ethanol is very good solvent and it can even dissolve oil to form a clear solution
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