why does mr lamb leave his gate always open?

Mr. Lamb was lonely in his big house and had a beautiful garden. He loved to make friends and talk to others even if they are not his friends. he knew that children would come to his garden for fruits and flowers. thus he'll get a chance to mingle and freshen his mood. this is the reason why he leaves his gate always open.

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mr. lamb was a lonely man and he doesnt have any child or wife of his own so he used to speak with bess ane enjoy gazing at the weedss even. he want d company of the people to speak with him so he always left his gate open and moreover for dis reason to invite everyone he make jellies even though the call him lamey lamb.

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Mr. Lamb was a generous person who didn;t care at all what others thought or said about him. He had very few visitors and suffered from lonliness. He welcomed the few visitors he had with genuine affection althogh they never reciprocated in the same way. So he was a lonely man who inspite of being ignored by all found his own little reasons to live and respected life.

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