Why does physisorption decrease with increase in temperature?

for adsorption low temperature is favorable

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Physisorption i.e. physical adsorption :

Here the adsorbate is held by adsorbant by weak Van Der Waal Forces which break when Temp incrses....

Thus, Physisorption decreases with Temp...Simple

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Physisorption is exothermic in nature. Therefore, in accordance to Le-Chateliere's Principal, Physisorption decreases with increase in temperature. This means it occurs more readily at low temperature
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Why are powedered substances more effective adsorbents than their crystalline form
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Because in this adsorbate and adsorbent bound through weak vander waal force (universal force) and on increasing temperature bond disassociate
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Since the adsorption process is exothermic raise in temperature decrease the extend of adsorption. [According to le chatliers principle increase of temperature direct the reaction towards endothermic]
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