why does pole star appears to be stationary in the night sky whereas all other stars appear to be moving from east to west?????????????

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  ANS:   The North Star appears to be stationary because it's located only a half a degree from the North celestical pole (NCP). This is the point in the night sky where the projection of the Earth's axis lies. In other words, a huge column extending from the geographic North Pole up into space would just miss the North Star.

Since the Earth rotates around this axis, it stands to reason that in the Northern Hemisphere, the North Star appears stationary, while other constellations revolve around it. An observer at the North Pole would see the North Star directly over head, while someone at the Equator sees Polaris at the Northern horizon, though it still appears that other stars revolve around it east to west.

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 thank u sooo much

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The pole star is often referred to as a special star. It lies on the imaginary axis of the earth 's rotation. So, when earth rotates, it seems to remain stationary from the earth 's surface, while the other stars appear to move from east to west in the night sky.

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the earth rotates and pole star comes right in its axis thus it appears that pole star is stationary from one point of earth.it is called north star because it can only be seen from the northern hemisphere

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because it it is on earth axis. e.g. take a colourful umbrella and then rotate it you will find that  the umbrella is moving but its appears to be stationary.

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