Why does the author use the word cardboard and what does the word denote in the poem.

Both wry with the laboured ease of loss..Explain these lines

 The three stanzas depict three different phases. What are they...

These are questions from the poem A photograph  Pls  these questions are  important for me pls help me with these I have answers but to get conformation 

Hello Karthick,
Ans 1. The word ‘cardboard’ here in the poem denotes the photograph itself. It has been used in the poem because in those days, photographs used to be fixed to a cardboard, and hung on the wall.
Ans 2. “Both” here refers to the poet’s mother recollecting her childhood days at the sea holiday and the poet remembering her mother’s laughing face. Both these situations belong to the past because her mother is alive no more.
Ans 3. The three stanzas depict three different phases. The first stanza refers to the childhood days of the poet’s mother. The second stanza refers to the poet’s childhood days when her mother had become an adult. In the last stanza, the poet’s adult life is described in which her mother is not with her anymore.
Hope the above answers fulfill your query.

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 Thanks for your answer...BTW when are our english literature part is to be uploaded in meritnation..........

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