why does the mosquito not get affected by the disease that they carry...and don't they suffer anything.

For the answer of this question , you must first know what malaria is. Well malaria is a protpzoan disease caused by plasmodium whose vector is the Female Anopheles mosquito. Now There are prominently two reasons for which a mosquito do not gets a disease:

1.The target cells of the Plasmodium to cause malaria is the RBCs which is otherwise not present in the malarial vector i.e. mosquito. Hence no haemozoin is released from disintegration of Haemoglobin which is the primary cause of malaria.

2. Plasmodium enters mosquito usually as gametophytes which is otherwise the latent stage of the causative organism. Hence there is no effect of this gametophyte in the mosquito's body.

Note: Plasmodium's active infectious stage is sporophyte and it enters the human body in this form only.

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