why does the nematode die on eating such a genetically modified plant?

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Nematode resistance in tobacco plants is brought about by RNA interference (RNAi). RNAi is a method adopted to prevent infestation of roots of tobacco plants by a nematode Meloidegyne incognitia
A nematode specific gene is introduced in the host plant using vector Agrobacterium tumefaciens. When this genetically modified plant is infested by the nematode, the nematode specific gene is triggered and it produces a single stranded RNA which is complementary to the RNA produced by the nematode in order to infect the host plant. This complementary RNA binds to the mRNA of the nematode to form a double stranded RNA that cannot be translated. Hence, the nematode is not able to infect the genetically modified plant and dies.

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using agrobacterium  vector, nematode specific genes (responsible for parasitism) were introduced into the host cells. the introduction of DNA was such that it produced both sense anti-sense RNA in the host cell from dsRNA. these two RNA's being complementory to each other formed a dsRNA that was taken up by parasitic nematode and initiated RNAi (RNA interferance) , which is a naturally occurring mechanism that leads to the silencing of genes and the respective protein to that gene is no longer formed, thus silence the specific mRNA of the nematode . consequence was that  the parasite could not servive in  a transgenic host expressing specific interfering RNA. the plant therefore got itself protected. 
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