Why does the poet turn and want to live with the animals

Poet wants to turn into animals and live with them because they are innocent, calm and quiet. They are self satisfied and happy in their surroundings. They are more loving and caring than humans.
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It is because animals are calm. They are well connected with each other. No animals have to bow to another of their kind.They do not possess the mania of possessing things. They are equal and satisfied. The poet is much surprised at their quality.
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Animals are satisfied and self-contained.They have better values than those of human. The poet finds animals more comfortable than humans.
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Poet wants to turn into animals and live with them because they are innocent, calm and quiet. They are self-satisfied and happy in their surroundings. They are more loving and caring than humans. This the reason for the following answer
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Why does the poet want to 'turn and live with animals '?
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