why does the political executive have more power than non- political executive?


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the political executive has more power as compared to civil servants as they are directly elected by the people and hence have the supreme athourity to rule upon the behalf of people moreover they have the capability to understand the concerns and issues of people which makes them much more capable of deciding the framework of policies elaborating further they have the power to take the final decision, the civil servants can only assist them in day to day admn. work

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The civil servant is usually more educated and has more expert knowledge of the subject. The advisors working in the Finance Ministry know more about economics than the Finance Minister. Sometimes the ministers may know very little about the technical matters that come under their ministry. This could easily happen in ministries like Defence, Industy, Health, Science and Technology, Mining,etc.
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Non-political executive is directly elected by the people and know the needs of the people. Political executive has more knowledge in a particular department.
Political executive give their ideas  but the only power is with the minister.
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Lolla tera to ho Gaya tolla 
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